Saturday, February 25, 2006



I am not apologizing for anything I just said. But, it was sort of an exaggerated reaction to the fact that the girls team lost. I really do look forward to Jr./Sr. (what, no I don't.)

On a side note, the girls varsity team lost in the semi-finals. I promptly went home and sat down on my bed and cried my retinas out. It was a great game, everyone was pumped. The girls were really great. I honestly thought that we were going to get blown out at first. But we really came back and played with that fatty, Brandi Rose. (I hate her, and all her braces, illnesses, and various injuries.)

Congratulations girls for a good season, and remember... Cliched Expression: "You always start out zero and zero at the beginning of a season."

With that amazing and overused basketball saying, I must sign off.

See you all on Monday.


Aaauuggghhh!!! Not Jr./Sr.!

Ah yes, we are fast approaching the season where young men's hearts turn to thoughts of love. But, for the unlucky few who attend Faith Christian School, a more pressing matter is at hand. Pretty soon, it will not be unusual for a girl to look into a classroom at Faith and see all the young males quaking in their respective chairs. Why? It's simple. Jr./Sr. This is an event where a group of teens get together to dress up more than usual and eat overprice food that will give them heartburn later. Dancing is not even allowed. Something about extra-Baptist principles?

Recently I have been thinking about who to take. This is thanks to the obnoxious persistency of Justin Brownfield. He has asked everyone who they are taking, and if he can ask that certain someone for them.

Once I thought about my prediciment for a while I came to two conclusions.
1. Robbie Summer, Joey, me and Alex all sit at one table. Robbie picks up the first course, a nice broccoli soup. Someone yells FOOD FIGHT! and a poor, unsuspecting waiter is knocked off his feet by the broth. A large fight ensues. Sound good?

2. We each take someone that we absolutely loathe. Once there, we all get in a large fight. The school is forced to expell everyone, but then realizes that they have no one to pay there lofty bills. They are then forced to re-accept everyone into the school, minus Jr./Sr.

Saturday, February 18, 2006


The Learnings of a Week

As I look back on the past week, I am reminded of several things. It was not a particularily good week, but not really bad either. Tuesday was a good day. I learned how God's love never fails and how you really do have to spend time with Him in order to grow. On a side note, I also learned that going to bed at 2:00 a.m. is not a good thing. Especially when you could have gone to bed at 8:00 p.m. if you would have wanted to.

I came to grips with the realization that I really do not know my friends, specifically Robbie. Also, take the time to talk to your enemies and find out what is wrong between you. For instance, today I talked to Brady Garrison. Just kidding Brady.

Another Saturday has gone by that was wasted on SAT prep class. I paid 135 dollars to attend this class, not realizing that they would not have us take a single practice test. Taking practice tests is what helps you the most.

135 dollars down the drain, love never fails, and Robbie Summer. Pretty jam-packed week, isn't it?

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Coldplay is... talented and eccentric?

I just put up a music video from the band Coldplay, and I decided to write something about them. Chris Martin, the lead singer, is both incredible and incredibly odd. If you have ever seen him playing the piano live... He is basically the human equivilant of an ADHD hamster on speed. Also in the music video of his song "The Scientist," he is walking backwards throughout the entire video. But his mouth is singing the words as if he were actually singing them. Instead of using a computer to generate the graphics, he chose to study the song and lip sync the words backwards! So, instead of saying "Nobody said it was easy," he would mouth the words, "ysae saw ti dias ydobon." Pretty crazy. Enjoy the video.

(I know after a while it gets pretty annoying. I always hate it when I go to someones blog and they have a stupid song playing and you always have to find the song on the page and stop it. So I will remove it in about a week.)

Sunday, February 12, 2006


Pics of a pretty sweet band: Anberlin

Well, I just felt like posting some pictures. I did not realize at first that blogger requires pictures to be in jpg format. How is everybody doin'? I am getting ready to go back to school and I have a stupid speech to give in speech class. Oh well, it will probably go smoothly... hopefully.

Thats it. Thanks for lookin' at my blog.

Friday, February 10, 2006


February Break!!

Well, January has come and gone and now February is hear. I had a pretty darn good break except for the fact that I had to do stupid make-up school work the entire time. I also had something wrong with my left ear and it was killing me. I also was sick on thursday and some of friday. It may not seem like a good break to you, but it really was. I learned a lot about patience and the fact that watching too much sports can make your eyes hurt. The only down side to this break is the fact that it comes so soon after Christmas. Oh well. School will be attacking us pretty soon. (Bad and good) I will get to see my way cool friends again. I've gotta' go. Leave me a comment!

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