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Well, one of the worst days of my life is finally over. Today is Friday, March 17. It is Saint Patricks Day. It is also the final day of FABA. I was one of the unlucky few who did not get to participate. Yeah, yeah, I know what you are thinking. You think that I have it lucky. Well, if you would have spent the day the way I did, you would be insane as well. The students were told that the teachers would have stuff for them to do. But, when we get to school, we find an eight hour long study hall. You think it sounds cool, huh? Let me put it this way, "It was the most boring and uneventful day that has ever crossed paths with me. You could not pay me to go through that day again." To make matters worse, we had to sit in the auditorium for the last to hours listening to Arvid speak about Eagle Fair. There was something wrong with the auditorium's heating unit because it would alternately blow very warm and then very cold air.

There were two good points. We got to leave school at 3:05 instead of 3:16. I also realized how much I enjoy hanging out with my friends at school. Robbie, Joey, Brady, Sonnie, Danielle, and everybody else, hurry back so we can have a normal Trig class once more.

Because of this bad day, I am tempted to join choir next year just to get into FABA and avoid another day like this one.

Alec, i agree completely. after the first hour i had nothing else to do (i finished my one assignment) and i spent the next 7 hours wishing i was closer to the wall so i could have something to bang my head against. also i've never been one to endure arvid very well....we'll leave it at that
i dont' know whats wrong with you people... i had a great day!

trig wasn't interesting enough for you, lec, helping me figure out stuff and hearing us talk about muscle and weight and dying my hair!?

Hey Alec. it was just as boring at faba. I took two tests in the morning that took about an hour. Then I waited the whole day in a classroom to perform at one(I got finished with my tests at 10:30). Of course, only 5 people show up to hear my speech. Then the rest of the day, I got to listen to every choir sing Ezekiel saw the wheel (seriously, every choir except faith sang that).
So, personally, I'll trade positions with you so that you get to memorize my 9 min. long speech.

Andres Neutonio
Yeah, Andy, I heard about every single choir singing the same song. No wonder we won.
yesterday at faba was the longest day of my life. there was absolutely nothing exciting about it. next year just skip school that day. that's probably your best bet to escape the boredom
hey alec
check out my new blog
i started it again
FABA is really boring too. You have to stay longer there than you have to at school.
Alec, you need to join FMT and Choir. That would be friggin' sweet. Twice.
all my opinions have already been voiced! Except that i didnt miss thinking my brains out in physics class, but did miss the actual class. (people). oh well, we'll get a whole stinkin hour and a half on monday!
Yea - You missed hangind out with me! SWEET... no but seriously FABA was just as boring... sitting watching choirs sing - especially bad ones... I couldn't even fall asleep, at least if I would have had a S.H. I could've fallen asleep, but I agree with Emily, next year just skip or I DO think that you should join choir...
Ok, just to correct myself, I meant "hanging" not "hangind" ...
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