Tuesday, March 21, 2006


A Walk in the Park

Well, we had play practice again today. She had told us that we might be done as late as 10:00. But we ended up being done at 8:00. So, me and my sister started traveling home. We have to take the stretch of interstate between State Road 26 and State Road 25. We were driving along, and listening to the radio, when we noticed that the engine was very loud. Then it started clanging and making a scraping sound. Almost as if the pistons were scraping against there casings. This happens when there is no oil left in the car. So we pulled over, halfway between the two exits. About 2 miles each way. By then the engine was smoking. We got out, and grudgingly admitted that we would probably have to walk along the interstate and back to the school, which was about 3.5 miles. (Walking along an interstate is illegal) I was kind of hoping that a police car would come and pick us up. So we walked, and walked and walked...........and walked and walked. The entire time I was praying like crazy that someone would see us and pick us up. After walking for 2 miles in literally freezing and windy weather with nothing but our coats, we came to 26. I thought I heard someone yelling Amy's name and I looked around and saw Liz Kuhn off in the distance. It turns out, they were driving on the interstate and Liz managed to recognize us. So, we eventually got home rather late and very tired, but none the worse for wear. We don't know how bad Amy's car is though.

This probably is full of grammmmssiijtical errrorsrrss because I am still very tired.


Oh geez, That really Stinks!!!

Sorry Alec, but at least you are home now.

Andres Neutonio
bummer! I guess that's an experience that you're gonna relate to the grandkids. :)

the play is here, and then it will be GONE! yay.
She almost left you, you know....
Oh so now it's AMY's car, not yours. :) Glad you're all right? Old cars stink!!!!! it's unusual if there are no random lights on the dash going off!
Awwww... poor alec...and amy. If I was driving that way I would have offered to help you guys out. That stinks that you guys had to walk on the interstate though...
GEEZ alec! you must have been SOOOOO scared! why werent you wearing your reflectors?!?!? Glad you guys are okay!
wow, i would have freaked out.
well i will now ALWAYS watch for you on my way home (but if you're in reynolds i'll have to question you a bit)
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