Saturday, August 05, 2006


Out with Summer, in with school

Well, the old blog has to get up and runnin' again because school is almost underway. I hadn't realized it. I was just meandering along; cruising through my summer; and then WHAM!!!! School is in one week. One!!!

Anyway, I was thinking the other night about the Roman Empire. Yeah, yeah, don't exit off this yet. In particular, I was thinking about how one day it was the only world power and the next day it was ruined, crumbling. Immediately following that, I began to think about our great country. You know, we could all wake up tomorrow and find that all our major cities were destroyed. I know what your thinking... 'Yeah right like that would ever happen.' But no, really, that is probably exactly what Roman citizens were thinking, 'this could never happen.' I'm not saying it is going to happen, it just makes you think. It really puts in your mind how vulnerable we are, and how much we rely on God.

This bout of thinking was brought upon mainly by watching the conflict in Lebanon and Israel. You know, end times and all that jazz.

Give it a think or three.

See you when school starts.

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