Monday, December 04, 2006


Something Borrowed

I decided that now that I have a smidgen of time, I might as well update my blogs. Hmmm, what to start with? First of all, school.

School has been going well. Cough cough. It has been insanely busy and I have no free time, till now. Micro: AAAUUUGGHHH. Calculus: AAAUUUGGHHH. English: its a laugh. Seriously, microbiology has got to be the hardest and most time-consuming class that I have ever taken. But don't get me wrong we "never have any homework." I have finished the largest project ever known to man and now Mrs. Thomas is starting into Anatomy and Physiology. Don't get me wrong, I really like this class. The Thomas is a great teacher and incredibly interesting. She has a lot of... creative stories to tell the class, and all of this adds to the aura of learning. Calculus is also interesting/humbling. Mrs. Blaisdell is another great teacher; however, sometimes we just don't get it. Like the stuff we have been learning for the past couple weeks. Yeah, that stuff. I don't even know what it is called. English is as always, fairly simple. Sorry Rob if my notes are dragging your GPA down. Its not really my fault; I'm just illiterityious. Mrs. Borgman is a great, godly influence. I really have enjoyed her Bible-reading Tuesdays. They are always encouraging and uplifting. My Spanish class is taught by Mrs. Peacock. And that is all that needs to be said. My Bible class is kind-of boring because it is taught by a certain teacher. Speaking of this certain teacher, Harrison Grey was ushered into the world a couple days ago. Somebody should issue him (Harry aka the little Clayton) a complimentary Bob Dylan Cd to commemorate his (or his mom's) great achievement. Or a banjo or accordian or some other such instrument. A bagpipe would be cool. Speaking of bagpipes, if anyone is ever in need of buying me a present.... HINT HINT!!! Bagpipes are to the 21st century as Louis Armstrong was to flappers.

Sports: Sports are cool. They are the new world peace. Seriously, if the United States allowed everyone in the world to participate in March Madness, no won would be 'mad' anymore.
Colts are 10-2, after losing to a bad to decent Titans team. I have mixed emotions about this one. I mean, come on, a 60 YARD FIELD GOAL TO WIN IT WITH 12 SECONDS LEFT? BALONEY!!!
Purdue Football is going to the Champs Sports Bowl in Orlando. We will play Maryland. Purdue basketball is 6-1. We have already won half as many games as we won in the past two years combined. Woot.
Pacers basketball deserves no comment.

Relationships: I don't know. I don't really pay attention to my friends because, quite frankly, I don't like them. Not really!! Small joke. I don't know, I think that my friends are hip enough to hang out with me. Ha, another joke. Really, I appreciate you guys are you are cool.

The End

P.S. I am afraid that the Blogspot Police might come and arrest me for writing too much. Ah well. Such is life.


Hey, blogger police are nothing. They visit me everyday and I just pull out my bowling ball and Urlacher Jersey, and they ran crying.

nice post! and horray for micro! and for mrs. thomas. but physiology and anatomy are way better. just wait till you start memorizing all the bones and blood vessels!!!!
oh alec
you are so cool
like the weather outside
at least you aren't getting
whipped in the hind'
cuz you're good and do your work
i'm done with school, and
this poem too i you you'll
be glad- and guess what? ME TOO
Good post. And your notes are fine. I don't ever read it doesn't really matter. And bagpipes? I LOVE BAGPIPES!!!! I really do. Enough of this, you fat lard. Just make me a sandwich.
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